Episode 18: ETFs and Volatility with Todd Rosenbluth

With a highly volatile start to the year, ETF investors are moving into defensive equities, and looking for other, sometimes exotic ways to prosper.  I sit down with Todd Rosenbluth from S&P Capital IQ to talk about the right and wrong ways to go “Risk Off.”

Episode 17: Inside ETFs 2016/Jan Flows with Matt Hougan

I’m just back from Inside ETFs 2016 and it was a doozy.  I’m joined by Inside ETFs CEO Matt Hougan to talk about our big takeaways from the conference: Smart Beta, professional investors, the absence of Robo Advisors and the lackluster January 2016 flows.

Episode 16: 2015 Flows Wrap with Matt Hougan

2015 was a big year in ETFs, missing the high water mark for inflows set by 2014 by just a tiny amount.  Matt Hougan from ETF.com sits down with me to talk about the winners and losers in the asset race, and some predictions for who carries the torch in 2016.

Episode 15: 2016, Fixed Income, Leverage Regulations and more with Todd Rosenbluth

This week I chatted with Todd Rosenbluth from S&P Capital IQ about the SEC’s recent activity around derivatives, the current state of fixed income, and what 2016 is going to hold in store for the ETF investor.

SEC Liquidity Rules with Matt Hougan

The SEC just rolled out a sweeping set of proposals for how ETFs and Mutual Funds manage liquidity risk in their portfolios (all 400+ pages available at https://www.sec.gov/rules/proposed/2015/33-9922.pdf) … The real issue will be unintended consequences.  I sit down with ETF.com’s Matt Hougan to dig into the details.